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To the End of the Earth

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

In May 2012, we moved into a commercial building in the industrial sector of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to write our second album, In Human Form. Living in our practice space, we sacrificed our creature comforts for creative freedom. With no residential neighbors to complain about the noise, we were able to play whenever inspiration struck.

Unfortunately, all of our attempts to make the space livable failed. We built a makeshift shower using some plastic tubing and a microphone stand, though it had to be removed when it began leaking on the tenants below. We had to hide all traces of us living there incase an authority showed up. Beds were exchanged for couches. Our kitchen consisted of a microwave and hotplate, and we often skipped meals, saving money to fund the recording sessions we had booked for December. Determined to make the album a reality without outside support, we lived as cheap as humanly possible.

At times the living situation drove us insane, though it forced us to escape into our music. Consumed by the writing process, every aspect our lives revolved around the band. There were weeks when we hardly left our space, and rarely saw our friends and family. While it was a struggle for us personally, this album couldn’t have been made any other way.

We were recently kicked out of our building. As I write this, the four of us are scattered around the city, crashing couches and trying to figure out what’s next. It seems the only thing left to do is to release our music.

In Human Form will be released on August 15, 2013, though we’re going to start rolling out a new song every couple of weeks. If the music resonates with you, please share it. We’re not asking for your sympathy or charity; just that you help spread the word if you dig it.

Thanks for listening.